FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my display flicker at startup?

The flickering means that the bootloader is active and can accept an update.

If the display runs for some time, the bootloader is told that the application is ok and running.

The actual software (application) is then started immediately and the display no longer flickers when switched on.

If you frequently turn the ignition off and on again, it flickers again because the application hasn't run long enough.

This is a safety feature so that the display can always be updated should something go wrong.

My display turns on, but shows no data at all. What's going on here?

In most cases it is because the plug is plugged in the wrong way round either in the connection box or in the display. This means that the power supply is guaranteed, but not the CAN bus for the data.

Solution: Insert the cable the right way round (flat side to flat side and round side to round side).


I forgot my unlock code. How do I reset the display to factory settings?

We recommend this simple program to connect to the display via the USB cable:


Connect the DataDisplay NextGen to the PC using the USB cable

Start the "HTerm" program.

Apply the following settings as shown in the picture:

Port: The port is different for everyone. If there are several to choose from, unplug the DataDisplay, click on the "R" button to the right of the port selection and see which port has disappeared. Reconnect the DataDisplay, click "R" again and select the port for the DataDisplay

Baud: 115200

Data: 8


Parity: None

Press the "connect" button at the top left and the connection to the display will be established.

Under "Input control" check the Ascii only box.

Type: ASC

Enter the command "reset" in the input field (as shown in the picture) and press Enter on the keyboard.

The display is now set to factory settings and restarts.