Replacement display frame

Lever out the interior trim with the fresh air grill.

It is easiest to start on the driver's side and pull the interior trim off the dashboard towards the passenger side.

It is easier to unplug the plugs from the fresh air grill, but you don't have to.

Start on one side. Pull the retainers up while pulling the fresh air grille away from the trim.

Unlock each holder one by one and fold the fresh air grille backwards.

Pull out the display on the driver's side.

Be careful not to lose the small plastic guide that sits on the display frame.

If the display is pulled out on the left, push the display cable which goes down into the fresh air grill a little so that you can then pull the display to the left to take it out of the fresh air grill.

Disconnect the display cable from the display.

Remove the 4 Phillips screws.

Remove the cover and remove the display from the old frame.

Pay attention to the circuit board and the ribbon cables. Don't damage!

Put on the new cover as shown in the picture. The indentation in the cover and the position of the cut-out for the display cable serve as a guide.

Place the display together with the new cover on the new frame and slightly tighten the 4 screws (so that the display can still be moved a little).

Align the display as flush as possible on the top of the frame and tighten the screws.

Connect the display cable to the display. (Be sure to match direction - one side is rounded the other is flat).

Insert the display into the fresh air grille towards the passenger side.

On the driver's side, reattach the previously removed plastic guide and insert the display into the fresh air grill.

Then everything can be reassembled.

A more detailed description can be found in the installation instructions.