How To Update:



If the display version is already V4.270 it only needs to update the Controller_Version 4.27X.Hex

Version 4.27X  DOWNLOAD

- fix ext. oilpressure sensor values/graphs
- Test N20 Freeze
- F-Series N57: System-Settings "DDE Version 1/2" - if Boost actual does not match Boost target change it.
- N63 LCI engine (select ECU1 or ECU2)

Add Oilpressure for N43 and N53 E-Series

- Fix N20 Oilpressure

- Add N57 F-Series Manifold-pressure
- Fix N57 F-Series (OEM BMW Bug Oiltemperature)

- Add N63 LCI
- Fix N57 F-Series Boostpressure actual
- increase display response speed
- Fix Battery Voltage on some older models
- Fix F-Serie N63 IAT
- Fix Black screen after manual power off Display
- New custom color setup

- Fix Active Sound Design (ASD) OFF

If the display version is already V4.260 it only needs to update the Controller_Version 4.265.Hex

Update 29.August 2020

Update 14.July 2020

Update 09.July 2020

Version 4.265  DOWNLOAD

- Fix Dashbar oilpressure (with external sensor) time overflow
- Small Fix N47 E-Series
- FIX Relay Control Relay 2,3,4 arrangement
- Fix Limit Settings (decreas / increase bugs on some limits)
- Fix Limits - wrong after reboot
- Fix OBD2 Blocker F-Series - Now no access to ECU if active
- B58 Delete-R improvement
- F-Series N63 support
- Fix ASD OFF after car restart

- Fix Freeze of Display
- F-Series: Delete-R Improvement
- Fix External Oilpressure Sensor
- Add Touch-Calibrate Function (Settings - System - Debug)
- OPF-Delete Improvement (to be tested/confirmed)
- F-Series S63 exhaust flap update (to be tested/confirmed)
- F-Series Soundtuning "Panik" - Press RES Button for 3 seconds - "Exhausflap to Auto" and "Soundtuning OFF"
Indicator: Constant ON = Soundtuning OEM
Blink "defect" = Soundtuning OFF and Exhaustflap back to Auto

- Fix Failsafe for Limits

- Fix Soundtuning manual switch
- Fix "Panik-Mode" indicator off if exhaustflap not activated

Update 05.June 2020

Version 4.250  DOWNLOAD

- Fix N57 F-Series "Distance since last regeneration" in dashboard
- Fix N57 E-Series Lambda
- Fix Voltage if car production before 2007 and has no voltage by default
- Fix G-Force small max value (was wrong)

- Fix Freeze at Warning-Page (Limit setup: warning active with bad settings)

- Add Option for OPF-Delete Level to increase the OPF pressure (in case of problems) more info...
- Fix "delete errors at start" for E-Series

Update 26.April 2020

Version 4.230  DOWNLOAD

- Fix F-Series N55 Exhaustflap feedback freeze using RES button
- Rework Limit function (setup menu for water- (water/methanol-) injection
- Autodetect B58 I-Stufe
- N57 F-Series Bugfixes
- fix time measurement accuracy (1/100 seconds range)
- update CIC Style & change base color to "ocher"

Update 09.Mar 2020

Version 4.210  DOWNLOAD

 - Fix F-Series N55 Bug (older models)
- Fix Display keeps off at keypad page
- Fix HMI font bugs

Update 17.Feb 2020

Version 4.200  DOWNLOAD

 - Silent Mode (Exhaustflap closed for 120 sec. after start)
- Bugfixes OPF-Delete (coming soon)
- Fix B58 Flap back to OEM
- Fix N52 Engine CanBus Error
- Font Change HMI
- Change: No reboot after unlock Display

Update 18.Nov 2019

Version 4.116 Puplic Beta DOWNLOAD

Update 18.Nov 12:30
- Fix OBD2 Blocker
Update 10.Nov 15:45
- Fix black screen after locking

Update 09.Nov 13:55
- Fix B58 Freeze Values when exhaust flap open

Update 09.Nov 13:40
- Fix N57 F-Series Boost-actual value (does not match)
- Fix short main-menu page before Bootlogo
- Fix Freeze at Code/Pin Page and custom temperature sensor settings

Update 07.Nov 17:30
- Add Units "imperial / metric" option
- Check N57 F-Series Boost-actual value (does not match)
Update 02.Nov 14:30
- Fix Colorsetup

Update 01.Nov 18:00
- Fix BootLogo delay (no text)

- Fix Diagram
- Fix Laptimer
- Changed Font 7-Segment
- Fix Save last state Exhaust Flap
- Speed improvement / Freeze improvement

Update 23.Okt 2019

Version 4.115 DOWNLOAD

4.115 (RELEASE)
- Display library improvement
- Laptimer Start/Stop issue

- Add S63 Engine
- Fix Freeze F-Series
- Speed improvement (General Display)

Update 04.Oct 2019

NEW DataDisplay Updater Version 4.113 DOWNLOAD


Version 4.113 DOWNLOAD

4.113 (RELEASE)
- Add E-Series external Boost Sensor Option 1) BMW Sensor 2) Zada Tech
- Fix Freeze F-Series (N13,N20,N55,S55,B38,B48,B58) depending on ECU ID values can freeze with older versions

Update 21.Sep 2019

Version 4.112 DOWNLOAD

4.112 (RELEASE)
- Fix F-Series N55 Pneumatic Wastegate freeze
- Fix disable Soundtuning N55 F-Series
- FIX OBD2-Blocker (ended up in keypad loop)
- To Test: New version 100% "Street Legal" available. No exhaust-flap-control and E-Series DSC/DTC function included
- Fix Oilpressure absolute value (without ambient pressure) - to be confirmed
- Check Diagram negative values should not be shown as max line
- Fix save max value oiltemperature N57 E-Series
- Fix: B48 Mini Exhausttemperature wrong
- S55 EKP Control (continiously activate pump until Stop button is pressed - feedback at button)
- Fix F-Series N47 Engine values
- Add new Option "Delete Errors" (E-Series). Delete all errors with display boot
- Add E-Series N47 Engine Values
- Add F-Series B38 Engine
- Fix N57 values to relative instead of absolute
- Reboot after Display-Unlock (to prevent freeze of values)
- Add external oiltemperatur sensor option for N14 Mini
- Add "Delete DMTL" for S55 (if OPF is removed and US-Software is flashed this error will appear if function is not activated)
- Add Exhaust Temperature to Dashbar
- Fix Limits (all 3 values combined)
- Add B47 Engine
- Rework "Big Single Value" - Shows the first Value from Dashboard Setup (Left Top)
- Preperation for F10 rear axle ("airride")

Beta Releases

Update: 14. May 2019

Version 4.108/4.108V2 DOWNLOAD

- Bugfix N14 / N20

Update: 13. May 2019

 4.107 / 4.108
- add N14 Mini
- Fix Color issue if "save last page" is enabled
- Visu fixes
- Add start option to set exhaust flap always to open/close/auto (press on text for exhaust flap activation)
- BUGFIX: F-Series, no longer need to turn ignition off and lock the car once the display is locked to unlock the OBD2 Port
- Prepared PWG / EWG Settings (Systemsetting) for N55 F-Series - Need more tests

Update: 26/27. April 2019

Version 4.106V2 DOWNLOAD

 4.106 V2
- Fix M47 DPF Values
- Fix "BetterFonts" 3.2 Inch Display

- Fix "Best Times"
- Add warning to factory reset
- Add CPU load and free RAM at info Page
- Calculations at some pressure values now without ambient pressure
- Split program to different language locations - choose correct language pack during Update
- Change global settings color setup. Optional change Headlines, Texts, Values and Units color.
- S55 add fuel "low-pressure" signal
- S55 add oillevel in mm
- Add fix custom NTC temperature sensor values (no reboot required if less digits as value before)
- Some visu changes (button styles)
- Limits: Railpressure limit now up to 2000 bar
- Add external NTC temperatur sensor for F-Series which have stock oilpressure (i.e. Rear-Diff Sensor)
- Add color control for external temperature sensor (color setup last page)
- OPF Delete-R preparation (Need error informations from customers to test)
- Add N57 F-Series Engine
- Change exhaust flap "timer" to prevent "flicker" exhaust flap in cold-start (F-Series)
- Fix external Oiltemperatur Sensor for N57 E-Series
- S55 Fuelpump ON/OFF (needed for VLN Race Cars)
- fix save option for external exhaust temperature sensor
- Add Water- and Oiltepmerature to Custom Dashbar
- Add 3.2" and 3.5" NBT Style with nicer fonts (only as TFT file - no edit possible, manual for uploading in "Wiki")

BETA VERSION: Update: 22. Jan 2019

Version 4.105 DOWNLOAD

 - Fix Font-Bug 7digit small Font
- Fix Font-Bug Safe-Mode
- Removed Italian language (if needed contact us)
- Fix Relay save last state if manually switched on
- Save Water- and Oiltemperature max values
- add option for external boost pressure sensor (S65 engine only - Settings/Special/Page2)
- Show height difference at time measurements (if GPS Signal is supported)
- Option Oilpressure instead of Exhausttemperature at Page 1 (press on icon to switch)
- Add M57/T Engine (old 2004 diesel) to option (Settings - System - Page2)
- Add new Max Page: Shows best times "ever". 0-100, 0-200, custom speed, 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 1/2 mile

- reorganisation of max values
Max 1:
1 Torque 4 Watertemp
2 Power 5 Oiltemp
2.1 (torque) 6 Speed
2.2 (rpm)
Max 2:
1 RPM 4 G-Kraft (Längs,Quer)
2 Boost Actual 5 Boost Target
3 Airmass 6 IAT
Max 3:
1 Time 0-100 4 1/4 Mile
2 Time 100-200 5 1/8 Mile
3 Time custom 6 1/2 Mile

Update: 28. November 2018

Version 4.104 V7 DOWNLOAD


Update V7:

- New Controller AK01E support. The new Controller will ONLY work with THIS VERSION.

All older controller will also work with this version.

Update: 02. November 2018

Version 4.104 V6 DOWNLOAD


Update V6:

- Fix N13/N20 F-Series Exhaust Flap Control

Update V5:

- Fix N20 F-Series
- Fix Save Relay-Status
- Difference pressure (for some diesel DPF values) without ambient pressure


Update V4:

- Fix change bargraph switch at power-page (was switching to time measurements page)

Update V3:

- Fix external Oiltemperature Sensor active even in safe-mode

Update V2:

- Fix custom oiltemperatur sensor remanent saving of values

- FIX OBD2 BLOCKER !!! Was "Thief Protection" now back to complete block of all Diagnose Signals.
- Save last relay state
- Pageupdate "Info-Status": E-SERIES N54 Test (Oillevel in mm, Oil-permittivität and battery condition in %)
- Prepare exhaust-flap variable to use in different pages (will be described at Wiki Workshop)
- Fix some imperial (not metric) values
- Add S63 Engine E-Series
- F-Series RES-Button delay 750ms to prevent switching Exhaust-Flap all the time
- Update Visu Pages (some fixes, some code-size cuts)

To be tested:
- TEST Gearbox-Temperature for F-Series manual shift
- TEST Shifttime even for Automatic and DKG Gearbox (at time measurements)
- TEST Speed-Offset "Set" Button for 100 and 200
- TEST Press Speed Icon at Temperatures Page for changing between Speed/Oilpressure/Rear-Diff-Temp
- TEST Add Custom Oiltemperatur Sensor Setup (press on Text in Settings to open Setup)


Update: 21.Juli 2018

Version 4.101 DOWNLOAD

4.101 BETA
- Switch between Speed - Oilpressure - Reardiff (press on icon to switch it)
- Test MFL (Limiter "Reset-Button" F-Series)
- Speed Offset Button "SET"
- Add Big Single Value Option at custom page (now 4 subpages - press big single value to change it)
- Logging cycletime (Settings - System)
- B58 new I-Stufe implementation complete (Settings - System - Page2)

Update: 07.Juli 2018

Version 4.100 DOWNLOAD

- Version change to 4.1XX
- Fix Time-Measurement issue (no time counting)
- smoothness of manifold pressure sensors
- New B58 ECU-Software implemented (to be done)
- First test of logging function

Update: 30.April 2018

Update 4.032 V2

IMPORTANT: Fix: Freeze when First start setup takes longer than 15 seconds !!!

- M54 Engine added

Version 4.032 V2 DOWNLOAD

- 1/X Mile abort when Speed is 0 again
- Fix: Delay Time / Freeze at time-measurement
- delete JB4 Versions (F-Series) - will be extra Version
- Fix: switched Values Oilpressure + Railpressure N55 E-Series
- Add Oiltemperature to N57 Diesel E-Series without external sensor
- Change: Limits now show "Warning" Picture and can be combined with relay extension board
- small visu changes
- Add manifold (exhaust) pressure sensor option (features)

WARNING: Known Error: Torque and power are not showing values on the second page "Vehicle Status". Will be fixed quickly!

Version 4.031 V2 DOWNLOAD

- Fix Engine M47
- Fix "Boost" to "Airmass" if no Turbo-Engine (To be tested and confirmed)
- Test M-Instrumentcluster in not M-Vehicle (working shiftlight at rpm gauge) // To be continued
- Fix Torque value if Offset is < 1.0
- Fix Torque value show negative
- Fix S55 (F-Series N55?) Exhaust Flap delay
- Fix OBD2 Blocker (known in 4.030)
- Fix Units naming
- Some Visu improvements

Version 4.029 DOWNLOAD

- NBT Style for testing

- MFL Buttons (Steering Wheel) for switching Exhaust Flap and Soundtuning (F-Serie) - (Settings --> Global -> scroll down -> MFL Setup)

First delete button, then choose your button.


There is a small Bug reading the VIN from the car.

If there is a problem with the activation please send us your VIN (last 7 digits) and the HW-ID number, which is written at the Info-Page (Info-Icon at Mainmenu). We will send back the new activationcode which will work even you put the display into another car.

Update: 29.01.2018

Version 4.027 DOWNLOAD

Update: 06.01.2018

Version 4.026

Update: 29.12.2017

Version 4.024