Bootloader Update

Under no circumstances should the USB connection be disconnected or the laptop battery run out during these steps.

The current version of the bootloader can be found under "Settings - System - System Info".

This procedure installs a second bootloader in the memory of the actual NextGen program, which can then be used to overwrite the first bootloader.

Download Bootloader 0.5

Unzip the download package:

Start AK-Motion NextGen Updater V1.0
Click on "Browse..."
Select "AK-Motion-NG-BL-Step1.srec"

Press Update at the display:

Settings - System - Update

The update only takes a few seconds and the updater closes itself after successful update
The backlight now switches on and off more slowly

Start again AK-Motion NextGen Updater V1.0
Click on "Browse..."
Select "AK-Motion-NG-BL_0_5.srec"

The new bootloader is now installed. Updater closes itself after successful update.
The background lighting now switches between flashing quickly and slowly every 5 seconds.

Start again AK-Motion NextGen Updater V1.0
Click on "Browse..."
Select the NextGen update (e.g. version 0.33) and when the backlight flashes quickly click on the file "Open" button at the file selection

The upload should now start. If an error occurs, repeat the last step (select NextGen Update), then perhaps the second bootloader was active at that time.