You want your own boot logo? Send us the picture with the dimensions: 800 x 480 pixels by mail, we will send back an update file with the picture. Later you will be able to create this yourself.


If your display frame is bent as well, please send us a message with your order number and address so that we can send you a new revised frame. Of course it shouldn't look like this.

Instructions for replacing the display frame here

The time has come! And better than we thought!

A short preview:


E9X models can be pre-ordered here.


Our NextGen version is going into mass production and pre-orders are being accepted.
F2X, F3X as well as the M models F87, F80, F82 and F83 can be pre-ordered here.

Other models will follow shortly.
All previous variants will appear as NextGen as well as the G series.

Please no inquiries regarding dealer conditions.
We are currently not taking on new dealers until the situation with material procurement has changed.


Release OBD2-Port
Because we have a lot of complains, that people are not able to connect to the car with the OBD2-Port, here is the way how to release the OBD2-Port:

Here is the video

In order to carry out a diagnosis on the vehicle or to be able to connect a tester to the OBD2-Port, the DataDisplay must be disabled/locked.

(If the OBD2-Blocker is activated in the settings, deactivate it first)
To lock the DataDisplay, press the lock symbol in the main menu.
If not already done, enter a 4-digit PIN (0000 is not allowed). Repeat the PIN to make sure that you have not mistyped.
Then the DataDisplay is locked and the OBD2-Port can be used by external devices.
ATTENTION F-Series: In the F-Series, turn the ignition off and lock the car once. Open the car again and the OBD2-Port is released for other devices.
When the use of the OBD2-Port is finished, the DataDisplay can be unlocked again with the self-selected 4-digit PIN.


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We assume no liability for damage caused by wrong use or wrong installation!!!

Manual switching of the exhaust flap may be illegal in your country!!!

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