DataDisplay NextGen Updates


If the download does not start (e.g. Google Chrome) - right-click on the download link and select "Save link as...".

Other browsers may report a warning, of course these are not dangerous files.

Do not copy the files into a folder with special characters in their names! So it doesn't work on the desktop if the username contains a special character.

E.g. ÓóÉé etc.

Otherwise an error message appears when opening the update file.


This cable is NOT for updating. To update, the display must be connected to the junction-box (with the cable shown), and the micro-USB cable is connected to the junction-box, which is then connected to the PC.

Install drivers (only needs to be done once on each computer):

Only connect the display to the computer after installing the driver.



Download and unzip the driver package.

Best on e.g. "C:\NextGen_usb_driver", problems can arise if the path is too long or there are spaces in the path.

Run zadig_2.2.exe

Under "Device" click on "Load Preset Device".

Select the "ak-motion.cfg" which is also in the driver archive

If your own picture does not differ from the one shown here, click on "Install Driver".

The AK-Motion NextGen Updater:



Start AK-NG-Updater.exe

Click on "Settings.." and change "Interface selection:" to "XCP on USB".

Confirm with OK

This setting is saved once it has been made.

The Update:

Download and unzip the update file. (found below)

Start NextGen updater.

Connect the USB cable from the DataDisplay to the computer.

Click on "Browse.." and select the update file.

If an error message appears here, the update file is in a folder or path with invalid characters. Copy directly to e.g. C:\ so that it works.

The NextGen updater now waits until the DataDisplay allows the update.

Start the update with the update button under "Settings - System":



The backlight of the DataDisplay shows whether the display is in bootloader mode or an update is currently running.

When the update is finished, the updater will close by itself.

Alternative start of the update:

If the display can no longer be operated for any reason (incomplete or faulty update), the update process can also be started as follows:

In the E series, the junction box must be disconnected from the vehicle so that the voltage only comes from the computer.

With F-series ignition from the vehicle.

Start the update as described above with the NextGen updater.

Connect the USB cable to the computer, remove it again within 5 seconds and reconnect it.

As soon as the NextGen Updater starts with "Erasing..." the update is running. If necessary, unplug and plug in the cable again.

The updates usually take 25-30 minutes.

"STREET LEGAL" in the file name means that no exhaust flap control is possible in this software.

Only the latest update has to be installed, even if there are several versions between the current and the new version.



Version 0.31


- Add option for oil pressure (if ECU is equal to others without Oilpressure like MSD80)
- Add option for oil pressure relative or absolute
- Add Safe Mode (press 5 times in the left bottom corner to go back to keypad)
- Add Custom Page (first page - up to 8 values)


Version 0.30


- Fix jumping values at some models
- Test: send data to AIM display


Version 0.29


- Fix E-Series N55 ECU MEVD176K
- Fix E-Series Gauge-Sweep needle stuck
- Test: Fix E-Series Gearbox temperature
- Fix Exhaust Flap MFL


Version 0.28


- Fix GUI
- Add Color setup for temperatures
- Add more N47 ECU types
- Fix Gearboxtemperature S65
- Fix N55 E-Series
- First try to fix jumping values on some cars (2017-2018)
- Add "stand-by" turn off display, still active in background
- Add errorcode plain text for lot of DMEs
- Fix E-Series Diesel
- Add Voltage to M47 pre-facelift


Version 0.26


- Add N13 (MEVD1725) engine
- Add Oilpressure to MSD80 where oem sensor is installed (N53)
- Fix Gaugesweep (Please report if working or not)
- Add Street-Mode
- Start development "time measurement"
- Add Speed Offset
- Add N55 Alpina MEVD172
- Add some DME Errortexts
- Add B38
- Fix N55 E-Series


Version 0.25


- Fix N57 Öltemperatur
- Fix G-Force maximum Werte wenn negaitv
- Street-Legal Version hinzugefügt (keine Auspuffklappensteuerung)
- Fix Getriebetemperatur (hatte bei einigen Motoren gefehlt)
- DME errorcode Texte MEVD176K hinzugefügt
- DME errorcode Texte MSV80 hinzugefügt
- DME errorcode Texte MSV70 hinzugefügt
- Fix Maximale Werte löschen
- MEVD17KW N55 hinzugefügt
- B47 hinzugefügt


Version 0.23


Bugfix - Fehlende Werte nach dem starten wenn Auspuffklappe aktiv