• Öltemperatursensor

Oiltemperature Sensor


For DataDisplay Version 1 and NextGen

Oiltemperature Sensor for Diesel-Engines of E-Series

Usually not necessary at N57 Engines and E6X M57TU2 LCI.

Extension: Default (2m)
Ready for dispatch in 2-4 days


Data Protection



Cable length: 2 meters

The oil temperature sensor replaces the oil drain screw.

Protect plug from moisture!

Connection Controller:


The external oil temperature sensor is a NTC sensor.

The DataDisplay allows to use own sensors. For this purpose, 2 resistor values must be known at 2 temperatures (data sheet of the sensor).

To display the output temperature correctly, proceed as follows:

Main menu:

Go to Settings.

Go to Special.

Press on the Text "Oiltemperature Sensor".

The default values (External Oiltemperature Sensor Version 1 - Black Sensor):

T1: 25
R1: 2251
T2: 120
R2: 87.65



To change the values, press the value.

In the keypad, press the "DEL" key to clear the old value, then enter the new values.

Confirm with OK.

Second (actual) sensor version (red Sensor)

T1: 25
R1: 10000
T2: 155
R2: 300

 The new values are saved automatically.