OPF-Delete (S55) harness
  • OPF-Delete (S55) harness

OPF-Delete (S55) harness


Only for DataDisplay Version1

For S55 Engine M2 Competition

OPF-Delete harness is needed to get rid of error (Limp mode) in case opf was removed.

OPF-Delete im WIKI

Before Version 4.27X: We recommend the setting "Level 3" for the OPF-Delete as it has been confirmed several times that everything works.

From version 4.27X there are no more levels to choose from, level 3 is fixed here.

1: Connection to DataDisplay Controller (Solder Pin 18 at the PCB)

2: Cut the cable to the appropriate length and connect it to the controller (Connector)

3: Connect to the signal line of the OPF-Sensors (Connector)

There is no guarantee that it will work 100%. We have some messages that the vehicle sometimes goes into limp mode with our OPF delete. We are still working on adapting this function for all vehicles.

Ready for dispatch in 2-4 days


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